How can the OBU-301U utilize an external high-accuracy GNSS RTK system when connected to the host platform through Ethernet?

To enable the use of an external high-accuracy GNSS RTK system with the OBU-301U connected via Ethernet to the host platform, please follow these steps:

  • Set up the host platform as an RTK base station:
    • Configure the host platform with an RTK receiver and enable it to generate RTK data as the base station. (This involves utilizing a GNSS receiver to receive satellite signals and calculate precise positioning data.)
  • Establish communication between the host platform and the OBU-301U:
    • Connect the OBU-301U to the host platform using an Ethernet connection. Ensure effective communication between the host platform and the OBU-301U.
  • Implement the V2Xcast SDK:
    • Integrate the V2Xcast software development kit (SDK) into the host platform software. The V2Xcast SDK facilitates the distribution of RTK data to nearby OBUs, enabling communication between vehicles and infrastructure (V2X).
  • Generate RTCM messages:
    • Utilize the capabilities of the V2Xcast SDK to generate RTCM (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) messages. These messages are based on the RTK data generated by the host platform and are in a standardized format for transmitting differential GNSS correction data.
  • Distribute RTCM messages:
    • Use the V2Xcast SDK to distribute the generated RTCM messages to the nearby OBUs functioning as rovers. This ensures that the OBUs receive the necessary RTK data for achieving high-accuracy positioning.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive software package that includes all the necessary code and configuration files.

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