Our Partners

Taiwan-based, worldwide-branched leading tech company, dedicating to providing solution for future IIoT.
A leading IPC corporate providing solutions across the industries, enabling an intelligent planet.
A global partner to the automotive industry, providing services from the design to the homologation.
A fabless semiconductor company devoted to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications.
Representative of the intelligent security: cybersecurity, event management, and secure embedded systems.
A non-profit consortium; the primary mission is the innovation/technology transfer of research results towards end-users and industry.
Gateworks designs and manufactures high-quality, ARM-based, single board computers for embedded and industrial applications.
A worldwide leader in embedded safety and security, supporting the broadest range of hardware and software platforms.
A Taiwan leading broadband system integrator and supplier of information communication technology…etc.
Libelium designs and develops IoT solutions to help companies and cities become more sustainable, efficient and datacratized.
A global leader of communication solutions for the Telecommunication, Transportation and Automotive markets.
The world’s 4th largest semiconductor company, leading the market sales from smartphones to optical disc products.
An ensemble of expertise, who combines threat and security management with protection at the Edge for connected IoT/IIoT devices and networks.
An innovative EV corporate, of which the goal is to create an open EV ecosystem that promotes collaboration in the mobility industry.
From Kyoto-based business to a global leader in electronics components and solutions; the commitment of the company is to be “Innovator in Electronics”.
Specialized in the supply of autonomous driving systems/associated services, aiming to become the leading player in level 4 autonomous driving systems.
One of the top universities in Taiwan, leading the academic research through creative thinking, contributing enormously across the industries.
A trustworthy partner in building the intelligent solutions, enabling its customers to win key projects in a diverse range of domains.
Excellent reputation in the design and development of software architectures; especially for infotainment and communication systems for automotive applications.
Named as 100 most influential companies by TIME, Notraffic is laying the digital and physical foundation for the future mobility.
A pioneering company who designs GPUs, APIs for Data Science/High-performance computing, as well as SoCs for the mobile computing/automotive market.
Developing V2X security technologies and standards that enable secure communications in connected vehicles and mobility through integrated authentication solutions.
Creators, makers and innovators of semiconductor technologies, ST designs and builds products, solutions and ecosystems, helps the customers seizing opportunities.
One of Europe’s most outstanding universities in research and innovation, Technical University of Munich dedicates to find solutions to the most important challenges of our time.
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH is Europe’s largest R&D center for virtual vehicle technology.
The future benchmark for cooperative intelligent mobility on an international scale, conceiving/deploying connectivity technologies for new services.

Unex welcome any entity who is interested in innovation from original domain and a believer of innovation through trusted partnership co-creation.

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