Brand Guidelines

Unex, unique with flexibility.

Dedicated to the co-create business system, Unex leads the cutting-edge technology mending various needs. With flexibility, Unex enables partners to evolve with easiness, driving the next wave of V2X innovation.

Who are we?

Unex Technology Corporation, founded in Dec. 1997, is a Taiwan V2X platform expertise providing pioneering hardware and software solutions.

Our V2X and Wi-Fi portfolio with unique module-structured technology continuously helps our partners identify the most effective way to deploy state-of-the-art technologies across a wide range of applications at a reasonable cost.

V2Xcast, a service-oriented software framework, provides the highest leveled flexibility and scalability. The advantages enable V2X on various automotive E/E architectures, seeding innovations for autonomous vehicles.

Supported by leading innovative partners across industries, Unex provides V2X technology in more than 200 AVs, C-ITS deployment, pilot, and design-in projects worldwide, maximizing the power of V2X innovations.

Logo Format

Our logo presents in four formats.

With different scenarios or occasions, feel free to choose whichever is the most suitable. If needed, the size is laid out with details, and the color code is also listed.