How Unex can help on V2X development and deployment ?

Today, V2X is at a crucial juncture, and it is essential for you to have a tangible competitive edge.

By joining Unex’s V2Xcast® ecosystem, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • Shared Success Stories:
    • We have witnessed numerous success stories from participants in Unex’s V2Xcast® ecosystem. By becoming part of this ecosystem, you gain access to a community of automotive, traffic infrastructure, and cross-industry experts who have achieved significant milestones. This opens up opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • V2X Application Software Building Blocks:
    • You can immediately leverage validated and trusted software packages on V2Xcast® for your own system, saving development time and costs.
  • Licensing to Non-Conflict Technology Partners:
    • Additionally, you have the option to license these V2X application software building blocks to other non-conflicting technology partners. This expands your collaboration opportunities and promotes industry-wide development.
  • Cross-Industry Applications:
    • The V2Xcast® ecosystem extends beyond the automotive industry to encompass traffic infrastructure and related cross-industries. This widens the scope of potential applications and business opportunities for you.

Utilizing an ecosystem is critical to accelerating V2X innovations and fostering long-term mutual success. Unlike closed turnkey solutions, the V2Xcast® ecosystem provides a jump-start and open V2X experience, allowing you to customize and enhance your V2X applications as requirements evolve.

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