V2X Indoor Testing

Indoor Testing with DSRC radio

With DSRC radio, the POTI service provides a configured position for testing without the GNSS signal. You can upload the POTI configuration file through v2xcast_manager.
Please refer to the “POTI Configuration for Indoor Testing” section in your V2XCAST SDK document for more detail.

Indoor Testing with CV2X radio

Due to the CV2X PC5 radio being based on 3GPP RF requirements which need highly accurate timing synchronization, the CV2X devices cannot send and receive messages without any GNSS signal. In our experience, most of our customers including ourselves use GNSS repeaters for indoor testing.

  • GNSS repeater:
    • Low cost
    • To avoid the GNSS signal being too weak in an indoor environment.
    • Need to extend the GNSS antenna of the GNSS repeater to an open sky environment.
  • If it is impossible to extend the GNSS antenna, the GNSS simulator is another option for indoor testing.
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