How can SOM-301U use external high accurate GNSS RTK from the host RSU platform?

To enable the SOM-301U to use an external high-accuracy GNSS RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) from the host RSU (Roadside Unit) platform, you can follow these steps:

  1. Configure the host RSU as a base station:
    • Set up the host RSU platform with an RTK receiver and configure it as a base station. The base station will generate RTK correction data based on its precise position.
  2. Enable V2Xcast® RTCM message support:
    • The V2Xcast® SDK provides support for RTCM (Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services) messages, which are used to transmit GNSS correction data. Ensure that the V2Xcast® SDK you are using includes support for RTCM messages.
  3. Distribute RTK data to nearby OBUs:
    • The host RSU, acting as the base station, will distribute the RTK correction data as RTCM messages. The V2Xcast® SDK can be used to distribute these messages to nearby OBUs, which will play the rover role.
  4. Implement the sample application:
    • The off-the-shelf software package provided with V2Xcast® should include a sample application that demonstrates the usage of RTCM messages for distributing RTK data. Refer to the sample application documentation and source code to understand how to incorporate it into your implementation.
  5. Configure and integrate the SOM-301U:
    • On the SOM-301U, configure the V2Xcast® SDK to receive and process the RTCM messages transmitted by the host RSU. This involves setting up the appropriate parameters and message formats for RTCM message reception.
  6. Utilize the received RTK data:
    • Once the SOM-301U receives the RTCM messages containing the RTK correction data, it can utilize this data to enhance the accuracy of its GNSS positioning. This can be done using the GNSS receiver and algorithms available on the SOM-301U.

By following these steps and utilizing the V2Xcast® SDK’s support for RTCM messages, you can establish a communication mechanism between the host RSU and SOM-301U to provide high-accuracy GNSS RTK data for improved positioning in V2X applications.

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