How to use the Data from in-vehicle-network (ex. CAN) in (SOM + Vehicle PC) application?

To use data from the in-vehicle network, such as CAN (Controller Area Network), in a (SOM + Vehicle PC) application with V2Xcast® SDK, you would need to follow these steps:

  • Access the in-vehicle network:
    • The first step is to establish communication with the in-vehicle network, typically using a CAN interface.
  • Retrieve data from the in-vehicle network:
    • Once connected to the in-vehicle network, you can retrieve the required data from the main computer system or other connected devices. This data could include vehicle parameters, sensor readings, or other relevant information.
  • Incorporate the data into V2X messages:
    • After retrieving the data, you will need to integrate it into the appropriate messages, such as Basic Safety Messages (BSMs), that will be broadcasted over the V2X communication. The V2Xcast® SDK provides functions and APIs to facilitate message creation and encoding.
  • Utilize the V2Xcast® SDK:
    • With the data incorporated into the V2X messages, you can use the V2Xcast® SDK to handle the transmission and reception of V2X communications. The SDK offers services for packet encapsulation, decoding, security, and certificate management to ensure compliant and secure V2X communication.
  • Broadcast the V2X messages:
    • Once the V2X messages are prepared, the V2Xcast® SDK facilitates broadcasting them over the air, allowing other V2X-enabled devices to receive and process the information.

It’s important to note that the specifics of accessing the in-vehicle network and retrieving data will depend on the CAN interface and SDK provided by your main system. You would need to consult the documentation and APIs of your main system’s SDK to interface with the in-vehicle network and collect the required data.

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