Can we use proprietary message mixing in the SAE J2735 on SOM / OBU / RSU?

To achieve seamless integration of your proprietary message encoder and decoder with the V2Xcast® SDK, you need to ensure that the proprietary messages and standard ones are assigned different PSIDs (Provider Service Identifiers). PSIDs serve as unique identifiers for different message types within a specific channel.

Here are some examples of how you can arrange the proprietary messages and standard ones with different PSIDs:

Example 1:

  • Channel: 172
  • PSID: 0x20
  • Message Type: Basic Safety Message (BSM)

Example 2:

  • Channel: 172
  • PSID: 0x304050
  • Message Type: Proprietary Message 1 (your first custom message)

Example 3:

  • Channel: 172
  • PSID: 0x304052
  • Message Type: Proprietary Message 3 (another custom message)

Example 4:

  • Channel: 182
  • PSID: 0x304051
  • Message Type: Proprietary Message 2 (another custom message)

By assigning different PSIDs to your proprietary messages, you ensure that they are distinguishable from the standard messages in the V2X communication. This way, when receiving or decoding messages, the V2Xcast® SDK can properly handle and route them based on their PSIDs.

Please note that the PSID values used in the examples above are arbitrary and can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

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