What is the V2Xcast® SDK development environment and update/upgrade flow?

The supported development environment for V2Xcast® is the Linux system, and it is recommended to use Ubuntu 18.04.

In the official release version, a remote FW upgrade package is provided. In addition to upgrading the V2Xcast® service, it also allows you to replace the corresponding V2Xcast® SDK in your development environment to ensure that the SDK version you use during development remains consistent with the V2Xcast® service version in the product.

V2Xcast® also offers a range of additional features and capabilities to enhance the development experience and compatibility:
  • Detailed documentation:
    • This includes API references, developer guides, and code samples. These resources are valuable for developers to understand the SDK’s functionality and efficiently integrate it into their projects.
  • V2X standard compliance:
    • V2Xcast® SDK adheres to industry-standard V2X protocols and formats, ensuring compatibility with existing V2X communication infrastructure and devices. This compatibility enables seamless integration and communication with other vehicles and infrastructure within the V2X ecosystem.
  • Flexible customization:
    • V2Xcast® SDK provides flexible customization capabilities to handle custom proprietary messages, allowing developers to define and integrate their own message formats into V2X communication. This customization capability ensures the ability to meet specific business requirements or unique data formats within the V2X environment.
  • Technical support:
    • V2Xcast® offers professional technical support, assisting developers with guidance, troubleshooting, and best practices during integration and development processes, ensuring smooth integration and maximizing the functionality of the SDK.
  • Continuous updates and improvements:
    • V2Xcast® SDK undergoes regular updates and improvements to address bug fixes, introduce new features, and enhance performance and reliability.
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