What’s the OS in support of V2Xcast® SDK?

Technically, V2Xcast® SDK is designed to be compatible with a wide range of popular industrial platforms. The off-the-shelf package provides support for X86-64bit, ARMv7-A, and ARMv8-A (64bits) platforms, specifically tailored for Linux 4.x operating systems.

To provide further details:
  • The X86-64bit platform is defined in alignment with the amd64 architecture in the Debian system.
  • The ARMv7-A platform corresponds to the armhf architecture in the Debian system, with specific parameters including arch=armv7-a, float-abi=hard, fpu=vfpv3-d16, thumb=Thumb2, and EABI=Version5.
  • The ARMv8-A (64bits) platform is defined as AArch64 in the Debian system.

By adhering to these platform definitions, V2Xcast® SDK ensures seamless integration and compatibility across various industrial environments. Whether your system operates on X86-64bit, ARMv7-A, or ARMv8-A (64bits), you can leverage the capabilities of V2Xcast® SDK to enhance your V2X communication applications.

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