Is there extra work required if I want to switch the V2X path from DSRC-V2X to C-V2X or vice-versa?

V2Xcast® adopts a software-hardware separation architecture, which means that the usage pattern of the development software remains the same during the transition from DSRC to C-V2X. The only adjustments required are to modify the API parameters and calculation settings to meet the corresponding configuration requirements. Based on feedback from past partners, the transition from DSRC-V2X to C-V2X does not pose significant obstacles.

You can continue developing applications in the same manner after the transition. This facilitates a smooth adaptation to C-V2X technology.

Furthermore, our team offers professional guidance and answers any questions you may have, ensuring that you receive the necessary support and assistance throughout the transition process.

If you want to transition from DSRC to C-V2X, here are the steps you need to take:
  • Understand C-V2X Technology and Standards:
    • Gain a detailed understanding of C-V2X technical specifications, communication protocols, and related requirements.
  • Evaluate Existing Infrastructure:
    • Assess your current DSRC infrastructure, including hardware devices and software systems. Determine which components need to be replaced or upgraded to support C-V2X requirements.
  • Update Software Development Tools:
    • Update or upgrade your SDK to align with C-V2X API parameters and configuration requirements.
  • Adjust API Parameters and Calculation Settings:
    • Modify the API parameters and calculation settings in your applications according to C-V2X configuration requirements, ensuring compatibility and proper functioning with C-V2X.
  • Test and Validate:
    • Conduct functional testing, interoperability testing, and performance testing and validation after the transition to ensure the functionality and performance of your applications in the new C-V2X architecture.
  • Execute Architecture Transition:
    • Execute the planned architecture transition from DSRC to C-V2X, including hardware device replacement, software system updates, and adjustments to relevant network configurations.
  • Training and Support:
    • Provide necessary training to relevant personnel to familiarize them with the C-V2X architecture and corresponding development tools. Additionally, offer the required support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of the new architecture.
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