Why Craton2/Pluton2, not Secton2 as other V2X modem module in the market?

The typical advantage of V2X sub-system (Unex’s SOM series) and V2X modem is as following:

  • Craton2/Pluton2 Features:
    • Craton2 and Pluton2 are advanced V2X communication processors developed by Autotalks, a leading V2X chipset provider), and integrated security features.
    • These chipsets are specifically designed for V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication, enabling reliable and secure communication between vehicles, infrastructure, and other road users.
    • They offer high-performance processing capabilities, support for multiple V2X standards (such as DSRC and C-V2X.
  • Unex’s V2Xcast® Software:
    • V2Xcast® is a service-oriented software solution that provides a comprehensive set of V2X functionalities, including communication protocols, security measures, and application example code.
    • Unex integrates its V2Xcast® software into the Craton2/Pluton2 modules.
    • This software package helps partners accelerate their development process by providing a ready-to-use V2X stack and application framework.
  • Tested and Certified Modules:
    • Unex ensures that the Craton2/Pluton2-based modules undergo rigorous testing and certification processes.
    • This guarantees that the modules meet industry standards for performance, reliability, and interoperability.
    • By using these certified modules, partners can significantly reduce their time-to-market.
  • Focus on Application Development:
    • Unex’s goal is to simplify the development process and enable partners to focus on their areas of expertise, rather than spending time and effort on complex hardware design and V2X protocol stack development. (e.g. V2X sensor fusion for autonomous activities or intelligent transportation systems.)
  • Scalability and Future Compatibility:
    • Regardless of the specific V2X application software used, through Unex’s V2Xcast® system, partners can easily migrate their validated software to any of Unex’s current and future V2X devices.
    • This multi-dimensional flexibility enables seamless integration with different chipsets, saving future investments that may be required for technology upgrades.
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