What are the criteria for joining co-creation on Unex?

Unex welcomes entities from various domains who are interested in innovation and believe in the power of co-creation through trusted partnerships:

  • Original Domain:
    • Whether you are a business, organization, or individual, as long as you bring expertise and unique perspectives from your specific domain, you are welcome to join us.
  • Interest in Innovation:
    • Co-creation revolves around the generation of new ideas, solutions, and products.
    • If you have a genuine passion for innovation and a desire to contribute to the development of groundbreaking concepts, we invite you to be part of our co-creation network.
  • Believer in Trusted Partnerships:
    • At Unex, we emphasize the importance of building strong and trustworthy relationships with our co-creators.
    • We value collaborative and transparent interactions, where each participant respects and supports one another. If you resonate with our philosophy, we are eagerly looking forward to having you join us.

If you meet the aforementioned criteria, you are the ideal partner Unex are seeking! Let’s join forces with like-minded individuals and organizations to explore new possibilities, drive innovation, and progress together.

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