How does V2Xcast® work ?

V2Xcast® is a highly integrated and user-friendly software development kit used by all Unex product family of SOM, OBU, and RSU, including standard compliant V2X stack, advanced IEEE and ETSI communication security, and sample applications in source code.

V2Xcast® is structured in V2Xcast® SDK and V2Xcast® Service. V2Xcast® SDK can be flexibly used together with V2Xcast® Service as one embedded software in standalone V2X OBU and RSU, or installed separately at Linux OS host platform in typical using case of V2X SOM (system-on-module).

  • Usage of V2Xcast® SDK:
    • Developers utilize the V2Xcast® SDK to develop V2X applications. The SDK is a software development kit written in C99 and runs in the user space. It offers high portability by relying on POSIX APIs, making it compatible with various operating systems.
  • Provision of V2Xcast® Service:
    • The V2Xcast® Service is the service component of V2Xcast®. It communicates with the V2Xcast® SDK and provides a range of functionalities and services for V2X communication. These services include V2X transmission and reception, packet encapsulation and decapsulation, message encoding and decoding, as well as security and certificate management in cooperation with the V2X PKI system.
  • Configuration of V2Xcast® Service:
    • To use the V2Xcast® Service, you need to configure it according to the profiles of V2X protocols defined in local regulations. For example, you can select parameters such as channel number, PSID (Provider Service Identifier), and transmission power to configure the service. Once configured, the service operates automatically based on your requirements, without the need for additional programming.
  • Development of V2X Applications:
    • Once the configuration of V2Xcast® SDK and V2Xcast® Service is completed, developers can utilize the V2Xcast® environment to develop V2X applications according to their specific requirements using the C programming language. The V2Xcast® SDK provides source code examples of applications to assist developers in quickly building V2X applications.

In summary, all three versions of V2Xcast® combine the functionalities of software development kits and services to provide highly integrated and user-friendly solutions for V2X communication.

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