Product Dimension

SOM-352 dimensions and Weight

The SOM-352 module utilizes the PCIe full-mini card form factor, boasting a width that exceeds the standard 30mm measurement by 8.5mm.

To ensure seamless integration into a system board design, it is imperative to allocate a minimum clearance of 3mm on both the left and right sides. This clearance is essential to mitigate the risk of component interference and ensure optimal functionality.

Length = 51 mm

Width = 38.5 mm

Height = 11.5 mm

Weight = 21.2 g

SOM-352 mPCIe System-On-Module dimensions

OBU-352 dimensions and Weight

On-Board Unit (OBU) is a device used in vehicles that plays a crucial role in vehicle communication and connectivity.

The mechanical dimensions of an OBU, specifically the TOP and FRONT dimensions, as well as its weight, are important considerations for installation and integration within the vehicle.

Length = 95.0 mm

Width = 103.0 mm

Height = 31.2 mm

Weight = 152.6 g

RSU-352 dimensions and Weight

V2X Roadside Unit (RSU) play a vital role in vehicle-to-everything communication on roadways. Their installation and communication capabilities significantly enhance traffic safety and flow.

The mechanical dimensions of the RSU are as follows:

length = 220.5 mm

width = 127.5 mm

height = 72.3 mm

weight = 2.7 kg

These precise measurements ensure proper integration and optimal functionality of the RSU for effective communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

SOM-352 mPCIe System-On-Module dimensions