Product Specification

The Specifications of the Advanced System-on-Module

The V2X System-on-Module integrates the Autotalks® CRATON2 V2X Communication Processor and Autotalks® PLUTON2 V2X RF Transceiver with the Linux Yocto OS. This comprehensive solution enables high-performance V2X communication, supporting IEEE 802.11p and C-V2X protocols.

With integrated GNSS receivers, the system provides precise positioning, facilitating cooperative maneuvers and location-based services. This seamless integration enhances road safety, optimizes traffic management, and promotes efficient communication between vehicles and infrastructure.

On-Board Unit Specification for Enhanced V2X Communication

The integration of an On-Board Unit (OBU) with an intuitive RS-232 console interface ensures effortless configuration and diagnostics for seamless V2X communication.

GNSS support enables precise positioning, navigation, and timing, facilitating accurate vehicle.

An external connector allows for smooth integration with external devices or systems, expanding functionality and customization options.

Additionally, antenna integration optimizes signal reception and transmission, ensuring reliable V2X communication in various scenarios.

RSU Specification for V2X Roadside Unit with Advanced Connectivity

Support the broadcast nature of V2X communication, allowing for reliable exchange of information between vehicles and RSUs.

Additionally, integrating GNSS capabilities ensures accurate positioning, enabling advanced applications such as cooperative awareness, collision warnings, and traffic signal preemption.

The RSU Specification plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of transportation systems through effective V2X communication and location-based services.