Product Overview

mPCIe System-On-Module

With seamless support for both C-V2X and DSRC-V2X communication standards, our SOM eliminates the hassle of technology migration and global deployments, saving you time and resources.

Featuring pre-embedded V2X stacks and ready-to-use service profiles, you can effortlessly configure and develop cutting-edge V2X applications without getting bogged down by complex protocol details.

On-Board Unit

Experience seamless V2X application development with our OBU. It comes equipped with embedded V2X stacks, pre-configured service profiles, and user-friendly V2Xcast® services.

The OBU also boasts advanced features such as CRATON2/PLUTON2 V2X chipsets, GNSS, eHSM, and secure V2X communication with SCMS/CCMS support.

Roadside Unit

The RSU is a rugged V2X roadside unit with waterproof IP67 protection. It features CRATON2/PLUTON2 V2X chipsets, GNSS, and user-friendly V2Xcast® software.

With secure communication and application examples included, it offers a cost-effective solution for seamless V2X deployments.