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Supercharge Your SOM for Next-Level Performance

The mPCIe (mini PCI Express) System-on-Module (SOM) is a compact form factor designed for embedded systems, providing a range of functionalities in a small footprint.

GPS antenna: Achieve Precise Location-Based Services with mPCIe SOM.

V2X antenna: Empower Your mPCIe SOM with V2X Antenna for Seamless Vehicle Communication.

MHF-FAKRA Cable: Enhance mPCIe SOM Performance for GPS and V2X Antennas.

Supercharge Your SOM for Next-Level Performance

Upgrade Your On-Board Unit with an Optional Accessory

Upgrade Your On-Board Unit with Optional Accessory

I/O Conversion Board: Seamlessly Connect and Transfer Data between OBU and External Devices with Ease and Flexibility.

20-Pin Cable Assembly: Secure and Efficient Connection for Reliable Signal Transmission and Smooth OBU Performance.

By utilizing the optional accessories for the On-Board Unit, you can enhance the functionality and connectivity of your system, facilitating seamless integration and expanding the capabilities of your OBU for a wide range of applications.

Enhanced Maintenance Convenience

The RSU antenna extension kit offers two options: a 6-meter and an 8-meter cable assembly.

Choose the appropriate length combination based on the operating environment to connect with the RSU main unit and the V2X/GNSS antenna.

Enhanced Maintenance Convenience