BSM, SRM, SSM: the combination makes bus waiting time shorter

V2X include various basic features and all of them have its purposes, while sometimes by combining them we can have different usage for certain cases. With the use of our RSU and OBU, bus now can request a green light when passing. The successful development not only makes waiting time more flexible but also serves […]

1st C-V2X Open-field in Taiwan for Smart Transportation

Unex’s V2Xcast® with company’s Roadside Unit played an important role in creating a smart environment for all kinds of road users, from vehicle drivers to pedestrians. So far, the main and the most crucial focus is to widely implement V2X infrastructures, which has to be done for the smart vehicles having information needed. The project […]

Cooperative driving is no longer far away, with IDIADA and UNEX

With Unex’s out-of-a-kind V2X solution, the development becomes easier than ever. IDIADA, an engineering company providing complete services to automotive industry, keeps the innovation going and one of the goals is to help the world gets safer with the best technology.