Interactivity Matters

Wi-Fi Highlight

DAXA-ED5: 801.11ac 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO Wave 2 PCI-e delivers up to 1.73Gbps.

Interactivity Matters

V2X system cost analysis

DSRC V2X + LTE v.s. C-V2X + LTE

Interactivity Matters

V2X Highlight

OBU-201U: V2X on-board-unit with embedded IEEE 1609.x stack enables V2X exchange and direct application development.

V2X ∞ Beyond


Unique modular structured V2X technology building blocks of hardware and software to identify the most effective ways to rapidly deploy across a range of solution to seed V2X innovation.

V2X Safety Deployment

Advanced V2X and radar fusion field deployment to verify solution effectiveness and fine tune system through data logging and analysis.