GNSS/HSM Carrier Board, SL869/SLE97

PCB-201 is an automotive-grade carrier board with GNSS and Hardware Security to work with VTX-201 to provide all DSRC V2X elements in applications.

Module-structure seeds Innovation

Schematic and Gerber of PCB-201 can be provided by project to painlessly re-design carrier board for VTX-210 to create extra value and unique product identity, no impact on the existing software/services implemented on VTX-201 subsystem to seed V2X innovation.

Carrier Board

Carrier Board
GNSS, hardware security, extensive connectivity
GNSS Positioning
GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS constellation
Hardware Security
ECDSA 256 signing, secure private keys storage
RTC Hot Start
Vbatt supports GNSS RTC hot start
Delay Power-On
Programmable cranking delay power-on
Power Supply
DC 6-32V power-in
File Integrity
Safe FAT, 8GB microSD
GNSS Antenna Connector
Fakra C
GNSS Antenna
Fakra C active x 1
Automotive Design
-40°C ~ +85°C (Infineon SLE97: -20°C ~ +85°C)


DSRC Performance
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS), 10Hz refresh rate
Security Verification
over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second
Security Performance
< 50ms signing latency in ECDSA 256 bits verification
ESD Protection
IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, Contact ±8kV, Air ±15kV


Extensive Connectivity
Ethernet, CAN, RS232, audio-out, microSD
External GNSS
RS232 supports external GNSS
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GNSS Antenna
Optional on-board MMCX connector valid
Power-In Options
4-pin or round jack
4-pin DC 1.6A/5V by project
Data Storage
microSD slot, 8GB SDHC

Directly mounted VTX-201x series sub-system on PCB-201 to effectively identify the most appropriate ways to deploy V2X On-Board Unit and explore new V2X applications on the open innovation.

RS-232 (Female)
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CAN1 (Male)
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CAN2 (Male)
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4-pin Power Input
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9-pin GPIO Headers (on-board JP14)
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Modular architecture of Unex’s V2X hardware and software solution provides high flexibility to customize PCB-201 with schematic and Gerber support from Unex by project, no impact on the existing software/services implemented on VTX-201 subsystem to seed V2X innovation.

New SKU to remove HSM or GNSS module by project.
Painlessly customize PCB-201 with schematics/Gerber by project to provide unique I/O connectors and product design.
Flexibility to deploy external GNSS through RS-232 and antenna through on-board MMCX connector.
Flexibility to enable external LED signal on reserved seven GPIO and one SPI on-board.

Main Chipset
Telit SL869, Infineon SLE97
GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS
GNSS Refresh Rate
GNSS sensitivity
GNSS NMEA Standard
NMEA 0183
GNSS accuracy
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS)
GNSS Antenna Connector
Fakra type C DIP connector,
optional on-board MMCX
ECDSA Signing (<50ms)
ECDSA 256-bit verification
private keys in HSM
External Connector
two CAN 2.0b
one 10/100 Ethernet
one RS-232 console
one audio jack
one reset button
one microSD socket
Power Supply
4-pin or round jack
Operation Voltage
DC 6-32 V ± 5%
Operation Range
ambient: -40°C ~ +85°C
(Infineon SLE97 -20°C ~ +85°C)
72.6 mm (L) x 71.5mm (W)
GNSS/HSM Carrier Board, SL869/SLE97
Active GPS antenna. Fakra type C connector; cable length 5 meters

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