GNSS/HSM Carrier Board, SL869/SLE97

PCB-201 is an automotive-grade carrier board with GNSS and Hardware Security to work with VTX-201 to provide all DSRC V2X elements in applications.

Module-structure seeds Innovation

Schematic and Gerber of PCB-201 can be provided by project to painlessly re-design carrier board for VTX-210 to create extra value and unique product identity, no impact on the existing software/services implemented on VTX-201 subsystem to seed V2X innovation.

Carrier Board

Carrier Board
GNSS, hardware security, extensive connectivity
GNSS Positioning
GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS constellation
Hardware Security
ECDSA 256 signing, secure private keys storage
RTC Hot Start
Vbatt supports GNSS RTC hot start
Delay Power-On
Programmable cranking delay power-on
Power Supply
DC 6-32V power-in
File Integrity
Safe FAT, 8GB microSD
GNSS Antenna Connector
Fakra C
GNSS Antenna
Fakra C active x 1
Automotive Design
-40°C ~ +85°C (Infineon SLE97: -20°C ~ +85°C)


DSRC Performance
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS), 10Hz refresh rate
Security Verification
over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second
Security Performance
< 50ms signing latency in ECDSA 256 bits verification
ESD Protection
IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, Contact ±8kV, Air ±15kV


Extensive Connectivity
Ethernet, CAN, RS232, audio-out, microSD
External GNSS
RS232 supports external GNSS
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GNSS Antenna
Optional on-board MMCX connector valid
Power-In Options
4-pin or round jack
4-pin DC 1.6A/5V by project
Data Storage
microSD slot, 8GB SDHC

Directly mounted VTX-201x series sub-system on PCB-201 to effectively identify the most appropriate ways to deploy V2X On-Board Unit and explore new V2X applications on the open innovation.

RS-232 (Female)
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CAN1 (Male)
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CAN2 (Male)
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4-pin Power Input
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9-pin GPIO Headers (on-board JP14)
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Modular architecture of Unex’s V2X hardware and software solution provides high flexibility to customize PCB-201 with schematic and Gerber support from Unex by project, no impact on the existing software/services implemented on VTX-201 subsystem to seed V2X innovation.

  • 1

    New SKU to remove HSM or GNSS module by project.

  • 2

    Painlessly customize PCB-201 with schematics/Gerber by project to provide unique I/O connectors and product design.

  • 3

    Flexibility to deploy external GNSS through RS-232 and antenna through on-board MMCX connector.

  • 4

    Flexibility to enable external LED signal on reserved seven GPIO and one SPI on-board.

Main Chipset
Telit SL869, Infineon SLE97
GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS
GNSS Refresh Rate
GNSS sensitivity
GNSS NMEA Standard
NMEA 0183
GNSS accuracy
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS)
GNSS Antenna Connector
  • Fakra type C DIP connector,
  • optional on-board MMCX
  • ECDSA Signing (<50ms)
  • ECDSA 256-bit verification
  • private keys in HSM
External Connector
  • two CAN 2.0b
  • one 10/100 Ethernet
  • one RS-232 console
  • one audio jack
  • one reset button
  • one microSD socket
Power Supply
4-pin or round jack
Operation Voltage
DC 6-32 V ± 5%
Operation Range
  • ambient: -40°C ~ +85°C
  • (Infineon SLE97 -20°C ~ +85°C)
72.6 mm (L) x 71.5mm (W)
GNSS/HSM Carrier Board, SL869/SLE97
Active GPS antenna. Fakra type C connector; cable length 5 meters

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