V2X Roadside Communication Unit, IEEE 1609.x protocol stack

RSU-101U is a V2X roadside communication unit designed to enable DSRC V2X on the existing traffic controller system. Preloaded IEEE 1609.2/3/4 stack running on ThreadX in an IP67 enclosure, RSU-101U can co-operatively work with the traffic controller unit in ITS applications.

Receives and forwards the SPAT/MAP messages for V2I/I2V communication

Connects RSU-101U to traffic control system through Ethernet to enable the next generation real-time traffic priority systems for certain vehicle types and minimize the impact of non-prioritized to increase road efficiency.


Lean V2X RSU for C-ITS
Complete DSRC, GNSS, HSM in IP67
Preloaded Firmware
IEEE 1609.2/3/4, SAE J2735, OSLink
Development Tool
SDK support from Autotalks®
Development Tool
Unex® SDK, User’s Guide, support
GNSS Positioning
GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS constellations
Hardware Security
ECDSA 256 verification, signing, secure private keys storage
System Memory
128MB DDR3, 32MB NOR
Extended Temperature
-40°C ~ +70°C (Infineon SLE97: -20°C ~ +85°C)
Power Supply
48V PoE or DC 6-32V
outdoor DSRC, GNSS
Power Supply
DC 6-32V power-in


DSRC Performance
Class C spectrum masks: +20dBm RF power at antenna port
Fading Sensitivity
Superior performance in multipath scenarios
Frequency Deviation
Frequency accuracy at ± 6.0ppm in –40°C ~ +85°C
Power Accuracy
Dynamic and accurate power in 4.5dBm ~ 25dBm
GNSS Performance
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS), 10Hz refresh rate
Security Verification
over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second
Security Signing
< 50ms latency on ECDSA 256-bit signing
ESD Protection
IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, Contact ±8kV, Air ±15kV


GNSS Flexibility
Telit® SL869 or external GNSS
Flexible Power Input
802.3at PoE or DC 6-32V
Feature Rich I/O

The traffic controller unit acts as SPAT/MAP generator to perform the relative encode/decode. RSU-101U serves to receive and forward the SPAT/MAP messages as a payload for communication between vehicles and traffic controllers in co-operative ITS. V2I/I2V applications can be flexibly implemented on the traffic controller unit or RSU-101U.

Frequency Accuracy

Power Control Accuracy

Class C mask performance at +20dBm from -40°C ~ +85°CM

Consistent EVM performance over a wide 5~22dBm power levels and -40ºC~+85ºC temperature range provide high channel efficiency.

25 degrees C 85 degrees C -40 degrees C
dut1 -28 -28 -29 -27.8 -27.7 -27.5
dut2 -30.5 -27.5 -30 -27 -30 -27.4
dut3 -31.4 -26.3 -30.2 -28.8 -28 -27


Operation System
ThreadX RTOS
1609.2, 1609.3, 1609.4, SAE J2735, OSLink
Development Tool
  • Unex’s SDK
  • GCC cross compiler
  • Hardware Guide
  • User’s Guide
System Service
RS-232 console, baud rate 115200 bps


Main Chipset
Craton, Pluton, Telit® SL869, Infineon® SLE97
32MB NOR, 128MB DDR3
  • 5.85 ~ 5.925 GHz
  • 802.11p, ITS-G5
  • ± 6.0ppm deviation
  • Class C +20dBm RF power
DSRC Sensitivity
-73 ~ -97dB (typical)
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Fading Sensitivity
  • Rural LOS: -92.5dBm
  • Highway LOS: -91.5dBm
  • Urban Approaching LOS: -91.5dBm
  • Crossing NLOS: -89.5dBm
  • Highway NLOS: -88.5dBm
  • 1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS)
  • -135dBm sensitivity
  • NMEA 0183
  • ECDSA 256-bit signing (<50ms)
  • private and public keys verification
  • ((over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second)
  • secure storage of private keys in HSM
External Connector
  • one 48V PoE
  • one standard DC 6-32V power
  • one CAN and GPIO
  • one RS-232
  • two outdoor 7.6dBi DSRC antennas
  • one outdoor GNSS antenna
Power Supply
  • dual power input:
  • 802.3at PoE (48V/25W)
  • DC 6-32V
Operation Voltage
48V on PoE or DC 6-32 V
Power Consumption
0.29 ~ 0.315A
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Operation Range
  • ambient: -40°C~ +70°C
  • (Infineon SLE97 -20°C ~ +85°C)
Product Dimension
225mm (L) x 255mm (W) x 78mm (H)

Package Contents

  • 1

    RSU-101U x 1 with preloaded U-Boot/ThreadX RTOS.

  • 2

    Two DSRC outdoor antennas.

  • 3

    One outdoor GNSS antenna.

  • 4

    Mounting Bracket with two clamp and needed accessories.

  • 5

    Hardware Guide and User’s Guide downloaded from Unex's server.

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V2X Roadside Communication Unit, 1609.x protocol stack
V2X Roadside Communication Unit, ETSI TC-ITS protocol stack
V2X Roadside Communication Unit

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