V2X Enabling Roadside Unit, IEEE 1609.x protocol stack

An extended temperature V2X enabling roadside unit with preloaded IEEE 1609.2/3/4 stack running on ThreadX in an IP67 enclosure, RSU-101U and SDK enable direct SPaT/MAP and V2X application deployment for communication between vehicles and traffic controllers in co-operative ITS applications.

Preloaded 1609.x stack and the SDK to Enable Traffic Priority Systems

Connects RSU-101U to traffic control system through Ethernet to enable the next generation real-time traffic priority systems for certain vehicle types and minimize the impact of non-prioritized to increase road efficiency.


Lean V2X RSU for C-ITS
Complete DSRC, GNSS, HSM in IP67
Preloaded Firmware
IEEE 1609.2/3/4, SAE J2735, OSLink
Development Tool
SDK support from Autotalks®
Development Tool
Unex® SDK, User’s Guide, support
GNSS Positioning
GPS/Glonass/Galileo/QZSS constellations
Hardware Security
ECDSA 256 verification, signing, secure private keys storage
System Memory
128MB DDR3, 32MB NOR
Extended Temperature
-40°C ~ +70°C (Infineon SLE97: -20°C ~ +85°C)
Power Supply
48V PoE or DC 6-32V
outdoor DSRC, GNSS
Power Supply
DC 6-32V power-in


DSRC Performance
Class C spectrum masks: +20dBm RF power at antenna port
Fading Sensitivity
Superior performance in multipath scenarios
Frequency Deviation
Frequency accuracy at ± 6.0ppm in –40°C ~ +85°C
Power Accuracy
Dynamic and accurate power in 4.5dBm ~ 25dBm
GNSS Performance
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS), 10Hz refresh rate
Security Verification
over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second
Security Signing
< 50ms latency on ECDSA 256-bit signing
ESD Protection
IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, Contact ±8kV, Air ±15kV


GNSS Flexibility
Telit® SL869 or external GNSS
Flexible Power Input
802.3at PoE or DC 6-32V
Feature Rich I/O

Connects RSU-101U to traffic light controller through Ethernet. Directly port SPaT/MAP and V2X applications on RSU-101U to enable communication between traffic controllers, RSU-101U, and DSRC V2X equipped vehicles in co-operative ITS applications.

Frequency Accuracy

Power Control Accuracy

Class C mask performance at +20dBm from -40°C ~ +85°CM

Consistent EVM performance over a wide 5~22dBm power levels and -40ºC~+85ºC temperature range provide high channel efficiency.

25 degrees C 85 degrees C -40 degrees C
dut1 -28 -28 -29 -27.8 -27.7 -27.5
dut2 -30.5 -27.5 -30 -27 -30 -27.4
dut3 -31.4 -26.3 -30.2 -28.8 -28 -27


Operation System
ThreadX RTOS
1609.2, 1609.3, 1609.4, SAE J2735, OSLink
Development Tool
Unex’s SDK
GCC cross compiler
Hardware Guide
User’s Guide
System Service
RS-232 console, baud rate 115200 bps


Main Chipset
Craton, Pluton, Telit® SL869, Infineon® SLE97
32MB NOR, 128MB DDR3
5.85 ~ 5.925 GHz
802.11p, ITS-G5
± 6.0ppm deviation
Class C +20dBm RF power
DSRC Sensitivity
-73 ~ -97dB (typical)
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Fading Sensitivity
Rural LOS: -92.5dBm
Highway LOS: -91.5dBm
Urban Approaching LOS: -91.5dBm
Crossing NLOS: -89.5dBm
Highway NLOS: -88.5dBm
1.5m accuracy (CEP50 with SBAS)
-135dBm sensitivity
NMEA 0183
ECDSA 256-bit signing (<50ms)
private and public keys verification
((over 2,000 ECDSA 256-bit verifications per second)
secure storage of private keys in HSM
External Connector
one 48V PoE
one standard DC 6-32V power
one CAN and GPIO
one RS-232
two outdoor 7.6dBi DSRC antennas
one outdoor GNSS antenna
Power Supply
dual power input:
1. 802.3at PoE (48V/25W)
2. DC 6-32V
Operation Voltage
48V on PoE or DC 6-32 V
Power Consumption
0.29 ~ 0.315A
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Operation Range
ambient: -40°C~ +70°C
(Infineon SLE97 -20°C ~ +85°C)
Product Dimension
225mm (L) x 255mm (W) x 78mm (H)

Package Contents

1. RSU-101U x 1 with preloaded U-Boot/ThreadX RTOS
2. Two DSRC outdoor antennas
3. One outdoor GNSS antenna
4. Mounting Bracket with two clamp and needed accessories
5. Hardware Guide and User’s Guide downloaded from Unex's server.

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V2X Enabling Roadside Unit, 1609.x protocol stack
V2X Enabling Roadside Unit, ETSI TC-ITS protocol stack
V2X Enabling Roadside Unit

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