Neousys and Unex Collaboration Enables Intelligent V2X Solutions at the Edge

Unex has collaborated with Neousys Technology, successfully integrated rugged edge AI computers with V2X system-on-modules and SDK modules to reduce the difficulties of integration into existing systems. Designed to accelerate the development and deployment of V2X solutions at the edge, targeted systems include vehicles to intelligent traffic infrastructures. The collaboration platform combines a Neousys NRU-52S […]

Ambulance reduces 51.6% stopping at red light, leaving time for urgency

Joint project with Mr. Lee, Wei-Hsun, a professor at National Cheng Kung University focuses on the smart city traffic service. By deploying 21 V2X-enabled RSU, 9 E-buses, and 10 ambulances in Tainan city, we can see the result is fascinating. For the bus, the traveling time dropped by 13%, of which the stop at signal […]

Smart transport and traffic signals lead to a future neighborhood

Imagine a place where public transport take you to your rendez-vous on time, and you realize that the bus hasn’t stopped once; that’s what we’re doing with HwaCom at Danhai New Town. Unex used the ready-to-use V2X units and developed afterward with the scenarios designed for various situations. For example, when there’s ongoing construction in […]