Co-creation to speed innovation

Unex provides industry-leading wireless communication total systems and services including Wi-Fi and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) in unique modular structured technology building blocks of hardware and software to identify the most effective ways to rapidly deploy across a range of solutions to speed innovation. To rapidly deploy across a range of Wi-Fi and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions to meet new business dynamic, Unex encourages partners to co-create and leverage its scalable hardware and/or software technical modules and platforms to quickly enable path-to-market growth hacking.

With the ultimate goal of bettering human beings' life through technology and business model innovation, Unex is always opened to discuss any potential co-creation and innovative integration through Product Joint Development and/or Co-Marketing with visionary organizations and entrepreneurs to pursue endless products and business operation perfection.

Benefits to Co-creation with Unex

Open-minded and well-organized company built through two-decades of operation optimization.

Scalable hardware and software blocks enable path-to-market growth hacking to deliver variable total systems and services to increase the winning opportunity of innovation.

Understanding of win-win long-term partnership in odd adventure from different cultures and backgrounds.

Wi-Fi to Everything

To seed innovations to enable a better smarter city, Unex provides comprehensive PCIe, USB, mini-PCI, and CF Wi-Fi modules feature Stability, Longevity, and Supportive EOL Policy. Open source drivers support of ath5k/ath9k/ath10k and Linux for industrial, academic, or innovative projects at highest flexibility and lowest cost.
Why should Wi-Fi care?

Wi-Fi is at the helm of the connected world and almost all devices come ready with Wi-Fi. That means you’re likely experienced notable demand for high-reliability and high-performance Wi-Fi in the system that most often lies beyond company’s desired core competency. Unex provides a solid and comprehensive Wi-Fi module solution to bridge the gap of embedded development.

Discover unlimited opportunities of Wi-Fi with Unex

Unex applies the fundamental strengths of RF, hardware, open source driver, system design knowledge, and in-depth field-application experiences to deliver reliable Wi-Fi modules with stability, longevity, and technical service along entire product life-cycle. Company can focus heavily or exclusively on innovation of desired core competency to create high commercial value with the industry-leading Wi-Fi technologies.

V2X & Beyond


Bi-directional DSRC has been used for years, it’s a very securable protocol. For the foreseeable future, DSRC has the lowest latency and it’s the easiest to package up into message sets because we know what those message sets are.

Explore V2X & Beyond

To seed innovations to enable a better smarter city, Unex doesn’t look at things linearly and try to use DSRC for everything or Wi-Fi for everything, because each wireless protocol has a value and capability for a specific environment.

Non-linear thinking to seed V2X innovations

Modular Structured

- Field-approved modular structured V2X technology building blocks of hardware and software.
- Truly scalable platforms for growth hacking on variable platforms architecture and sensor fusion to identify the most effective ways to rapidly deploy across a range of solution.
- Pilot Deployment to prove effectiveness and optimize total systems through data logging and analysis

Innovative V2X Applications

Integrated RSU with content management system (CMS) and traffic signal controller provides signal violation warning to all vehicles and pedestrians with or without DSRC devices.