RF, Hardware, and System Design Knowledge

  • PA / LNA know-how and experience on high power Wi-Fi module design to alleviate difficult thermal performance challenges typically found in high-output power applications.
  • TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) to ensure better-than-standard transmitted center frequency deviation.
  • Rx filter to provide the excellent radio rejection against the interfering signal from 2nd WiFi in the same platform and enable simultaneously dual-band dual-concurrent (DBDC) under different frequency without Rx sensitivity degradation.
  • oscillation elimination enhances circuitry stability.
  • noise immunity on embedded system integration.
  • superior experience on antenna design in the limited space to enhance performance, including polarization
  • capability to fulfill worldwide regulatory requirement by design.
  • FCC part 90 for public safety band, ESTI EN 301 390 fixed radio systems, point-to-point and multipoint systems.
  • performance guarantee on DSRC 5.9GHz and 4.9GHz safety band.
  • 2nd Harmonic for conductive mode at power density –50dBm for EN301 390.
  • low suppression for high gain antenna application.
  • low power control for high gain antenna (FCC band edge).
  • band edge suppression by size effective SAW filter.

Software and System Integration Capability

  • production calibration tool
  • Wi-Fi Linux kernel and driver debug.
  • BSP on Qualcomm Atheros (QCA).
  • 802.11p-V2X Protocol Stack on Linux OS and ThreadX RTOS. 
  • V2X CAMP VSC-A and Day-one applications.
  • application software interface customization. 
  • software algorithms. 
  • V2X pilot deployment management system.

Professional Team:

  • Unex' s team has accumulated abundant technologies and years of application experiences on wireless communication with global industries. All members of the team are capable of grasping key product technologies and application criteria with appropriate guidance. The right technologies with unique innovation and niche can be quickly delivered for time-to-market.

Seeding Innovation

Unique modular structured Technology Building Blocks of hardware and software to identify the most effective ways to rapidly deploy across a range of solutions to seed innovation.


Comprehensive PCIe, USB, mini-PCI, and CF Wi-Fi modules feature consistent quality and longevity, open source Linux and ath5k/ath9k/ath10k support.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) 

DSRC-V2X OBU, RSU, and sensor fusion in scalable Technology Building Blocks of hardware, software, and integration service.

Design Verification & Control

Enforce C-Flow product life cycle management from design verification to manufacturing process improvement.

  • C0

  • C1

    Prototype Build

    • Schedule
    • Product spec
  • C23

    Lab Pilot Build

    • Design Review
    • Testing Plan
    • PCB Layout
    • BOM Release
    • AVL
    • Design Simulation
    • Debug and Verification
  • C4

    Engineering Pilot Build

    • BOM Release
    • QVL Release
    • EQT Test
    • Customized QT
    • Regulatory QT
  • C5

    Production Pilot Build & Ramp-up

    • MTBF
    • Service Plan
    • Phase Out Plan
    • Service Parts
    • PQC
    • OOB/SIP
    • ORT Test
    • Run-in
    • Shop Flow
  • C6

    Mass Production

    • Mass Production & EOL Phase
  • Supplier Quality Control & Management
  • Outside Inspection

  • Serial Production Verification Report

  • Manufacture Quality Review

  • Shipping to Stock

  • Vendor History List Management

Manufacturing Quality Control

On-going Reliability Test
non-destructive test: 2 samples per week
  • high temperature operation test ( 60°C 24 hour)
  • low temperature operation test ( -10°C 24 hour)
destructive test: 4 sample/5k pcs/month
  • thermal shock test ( -20°C ~ 70°C, 30 minutes per temperature, total 20 cycle)
  • high temperature operation test ( 60°C 48 hour)
  • low temperature operation test ( -10°C 48 hour)
Engineering Change Control & Management

Dedicated PM to inform and get approval from customer for product testing, process, and manufacturing related issues.

Traceable Quality Records

Traceable system control on SMT parts, assembly, repair, and shipping.