V2X Sensor Fusion Co-creation

V2X & Beyond

Why DSRC V2X Now?

V2X complements other vehicle sensors with its non-line-of-sight capability to know ahead, without visibility. Direct V2X communications provide a higher level of predictability and determinism by conveying location, speed, direction and even intent.

DSRC and Cellular complement one another as DSRC-V2X is independent of the cellular network and design of safety critical services. Bi-directional DSRC has been used for years, it's a very securable protocol and has the lowest latency.

Explore V2X & Beyond

To seed innovations to enable a better smarter city, Unex doesn’t look at things linearly and try to use DSRC for everything or Wi-Fi for everything, because each wireless protocol has a value and capability for a specific environment.

Non-linear thinking to seed V2X innovations

Modular Structured

- Field-approved modular structured V2X technology building blocks of hardware and software.
- Truly scalable platforms for growth hacking on variable platforms architecture and sensor fusion to identify the most effective ways to rapidly deploy across a range of solution.
- Pilot Deployment to prove effectiveness and optimize total systems through data logging and analysis

Innovative V2X Applications

Integrated RSU with content management system (CMS) and traffic signal controller provides signal violation warning to all vehicles and pedestrians with or without DSRC devices.