Wi-Fi Co-creation

Wi-Fi to Everything

To seed innovations to enable a better smarter city, Unex provides comprehensive PCIe, USB, mini-PCI, and CF Wi-Fi modules feature Stability, Longevity, and Supportive EOL Policy. Open source drivers support of ath5k/ath9k/ath10k and Linux for industrial, academic, or innovative projects at highest flexibility and lowest cost.
Why should Wi-Fi care?

Wi-Fi is at the helm of the connected world and almost all devices come ready with Wi-Fi. That means you’re likely experienced notable demand for high-reliability and high-performance Wi-Fi in the system that most often lies beyond company’s desired core competency. Unex provides a solid and comprehensive Wi-Fi module solution to bridge the gap of embedded development.

Discover unlimited opportunities of Wi-Fi with Unex

Unex applies the fundamental strengths of RF, hardware, open source driver, system design knowledge, and in-depth field-application experiences to deliver reliable Wi-Fi modules with stability, longevity, and technical service along entire product life-cycle. Company can focus heavily or exclusively on innovation of desired core competency to create high commercial value with the industry-leading Wi-Fi technologies.